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1P-LSD for sale online, LSD is a class of psychoactive drug that has the potential to cause users to have hallucinations. Acid is another name for it.

The effects of LSD on a person’s capacity to think and feel are profound. It has the potential to bring about shifts in both sensation and emotion.

LSD, in its purest form, looks like a white powder and has no discernible odor. It is frequently offered for sale as a liquid, as well as in tablet or capsule form.

Typically, it is placed on absorbent paper. After that, the paper is cut into tiny squares and embellished with various designs. One dose is equal to one square.

LSD is an extremely potent drug. Even in small amounts, some substances can have profound impacts. It is difficult to forecast how these impacts will play out.

They frequently begin anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes after the medicine was taken. They reach their peak strength three to five hours later.

They have a potential lifespan of up to 12 hours.


1p lsd for sale (1propionyldlysergic acid diethylamide)

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1-Propionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide, popularly known as 1P-LSD, is a semisynthetic lysergamide class chemical.


It derives its name from the propionyl group linked to the nitrogen of LSD’s polycyclic indole group.


characterization of 1-propionyldlysergic acid diethylamide (behavioral characterization of 1-propionyldlysergic acid)


This form of LSD is identical to ALD-52, with the exception that an acetyl group is connected to the nitrogen instead of a propionyl group.


The structure features a bicyclic hexahydroindole linked to a bicyclic quinoline. 1P LSD is an extremely strong version of LSD that was originally manufactured.


Because it is so powerful, we refer to it as 1P, and we recommend it for all your needs. 1P is a far less jagged and severe experience than other LSD preparations.


Moreover, it is far more stimulating than other kinds of LSD and stays in the system longer, making it a favorite among long-term users. It is great for recreation, spirituality, reflection, and creativity.

1p lsd for sale
1p lsd for sale online in USA

1p-LSD 100mcg blotters (1p lsd blotter)

1P LSD is a highly powerful LSD-25 homologue. It is distributed as sheets of blotting paper that have been perforated into little squares,

similar to how LSD was dosed prior to its international ban in 1971. After being soaked in 1 p.s.d., the paper is dried.

1p-lsd Effects

  • In the scientific literature, the profile of effects is poorly defined.
  • It is commonly believed to be comparable to LSD.
  • Many anecdotal reports show that 1P-LSD has a somewhat shorter duration than LSD in humans,
  • with the majority of users claiming they cannot distinguish qualitatively between the effects of 1P-LSD and LSD.

Legal Status

In France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland,

the United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, and the Czech Republic, 1P-LSD is a restricted substance (banned in 2018).


What is LSD?

LSD is a psychoactive substance that creates hallucinations and other effects when consumed.

The substance is frequently used for recreational purposes and as an entheogen. When taken orally to a human, the median fatal dose of LSD is approximately 40 micrograms.

Toxicity and Harm

No research has been conducted on the toxicity and long-term health implications of recreational 1P-LSD use.


This is because it is a research chemical that people have hardly ever used. Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking 1P-LSD alone doesn’t hurt your health in any way.


in low to moderate dosages, and rarely (although nothing can be completely guaranteed). before consuming a combination of two or more substances.


An independent study should always be undertaken to ascertain its safety. On the basis of its similarities to LSD,


It is assumed that 1P-LSD is physiologically well-tolerated and has a very low dose-relative toxicity.


There have been relatively few reports of physical negative effects following acute exposure.


As with LSD and psychedelics in general, it is possible that people with underlying mental illnesses would experience a reaction.


Individuals with a personal or familial history of mental illness are advised against using this substance, especially outside of a medically supervised setting.


1p LSD for sale It is highly suggested that individuals who use this substance engage in harm reduction techniques.


There is no known hazardous dose of 1P-LSD. Yet, higher doses increase the likelihood of negative psychological effects.


Anxiety, delusions, panic attacks, and, more infrequently, convulsions are examples of these reactions.


Usually, medical intervention is not required unless severe psychotic episodes or the intake of fake acid occur (such as 25-i-NBOMe or DOB).


Benzodiazepines or antipsychotics can be administered to alleviate the immediate cognitive consequences.



1P-LSD for sale (150ug)

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