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1cP LSD buy in USA, it is a lesser-known novel psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class and is named for the

cyclopropionyl group attached to the nitrogen of the polycyclic indole group of LSD.

The properties of the substance 1cP-LSD are described as being almost identical to those of the classic LSD 25 and 1P-LSD.

1cp-LSD is a designer drug with a variety of dose and duration. It is sold as liquid on blotter paper, gelatin sheets, or as capsules.

The LSD market in the United States was largely replaced by the 1970s in the form of tablets containing very low doses of the drug.

1cp-LSD is an experimental psychedelic drug of the lysergamide family. It has been suggested by Alexander Shulgin, who synthesized and bio assayed the compound,

that 1cp-LSD could produce a “nearly identical” effect to LSD.

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Storage conditions  
Buy 1cP-LSD Online secure and safety here. Once you have received your order, do not forget to store them away from sunlight,

especially for lysergamides which are extremely sensitive to UV light (mostly sunlight), in dry places and at a room temperature of 20- 25ºC maximum .

If you want to keep the quality  150 mcg pellets high, we recommends you to get a vacuum seal machine. Don’t forget to ask us if you have any doubts or questions about it.


1cp lsd buy
1cp lsd buy


We strongly encourage you to take extra safety precautions such as wearing a mask or gloves when handling your 1cP-LSD 150 mcg pellets.


1cp-lsd vs 1p-lsd

  • When people think of LSD, they usually think of the standard LSD blotters or “tabs” that come in 1p-lsd tabs.
  • However, there are also 1cp-LSD tabs. What’s the difference between one and the other?
  • 1cp-lsd is a dose of less than 1 milligram while 1p-lsd is a dose of less than 1 picogram.
  • The significance of these differences are in the variability in the amount of active molecule, rendering it harder to predict the effects.
  • In the 1960s, after the discovery of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), there was a “gold rush” to find new hallucinogens.
  • Many years later, researchers have discovered that part of the difference between 1cp-lsd and 1p-lsd is the side chains on the molecule.
  • The hallucinogenic part of LSD is not present in 1p-lsd.


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