cough syrup with codeine

Buy cough syrup with codeine online, Codeine is a prescription opioid drug. it is a schedule II controlled substance that is typically used to treat mild pain or as a cough suppressant.

Codeine, like all chemicals in this group, has a significant potential for abuse and addiction.

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The most common method codeine cough medication is abused is by mixing it with soda or alcoholic beverages.

This intoxicating mixture is referred to as lean drink, lean drug, and a variety of other names, including: Syrup, Sizzurp, Purple drank.

Cough syrup with codeine Effects

Because the principal ingredient in codeine cough syrup is a mild narcotic, it is frequently sought after by individuals seeking a gratifying high.

While many codeine-based cough syrups no longer contain alcohol, cough syrup lean is frequently blended with alcoholic beverages.

Certain cough syrups contain DXM (dextromethorphan) or promethazine, both of which are potentially intoxicated.

cough syrup codeine and related syrups contain the following ingredients:

Codeine, Alcohol
Another CNS depressant (central nervous system)
The combination of these medications, as well as the way they interact with the CNS, can result in a number of potentially severe side effects. These are some examples:

Sedation, Euphoria, Poor coordination, Dizziness, Dissociation, Breathing and heart rates have slowed.

Withdrawal signs, Cravings, Addiction (opioid use disorder) (opioid use disorder), Seizure.

Long-term abuse of codeine cough medication might result in the following significant side effects:

Memory lapses, Impaired cognition, Liver damage, Behavioral, modifications, Epilepsy, Permanent psychosis.

When using codeine cough syrup, there is also a risk of overdose. Opioids can impair breathing to the point of deprivation of oxygen.

When alcohol and opioids are combined, the effects of both substances are amplified.


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